In the year 2100, the world was at war…. a war between mechanical giants… a war of metal, and of fire…  the worst war humanity had ever witnessed.

After the Iron Wars, countries, exhausted from the fighting, on the brink of collapse and still locked in stalemate, signed The Darkstone Treaty.

The treaty dictated that all future fights between nations would be resolved in the "Black Stadium".  To ensure a fair contest, the Iron Mech pilots could no longer hide behind their machine.  The cockpit protection was removed and only the bravest volunteered to represent their countries on the arena.

Today Iron League is the world's best battle arena and tactical sport.  Battle teams are composed of:

The Powerful Iron Mechs

Hordes of psychopaths known simply as "Claws"

Zimman, the heavy infantry
The mechanics keep everything running.
And hired mercenaries, always ready to kill for monetary gain, or pleasure.

The rules are clear: Destroy your enemy before he destroys you. Civility is maintained only through the power of the referee’s impositions.  

The Iron League board game has 4 game Modes: Match, Death Match, Arena and Cooperative.

There is also a New Expansion: "Nuke Tracker"

Iron League: Black Stadium  contains everything you need to get gaming:


-12 Iron Mechs (90mm) with interchangeable arms and weapons.

46 miniatures:

-12 Claws

- 4 Zimman

- 4 mechanics

- 4 Mercenaries

- 4 Plasma balls

- 6 drums of gasoline

- 6 Walls

- 6 fires

-12 Iron sheets

-1 Referee sheet

- 36 character cards

- 12 pilot cards

- 40 action cards

- 21 cooperative cards

- 14 mini equipment cards

- 58 damage mini cards

- 2 boards

- coin tokens to represent Damage, pilots, fire, critical engine damage, closed doors, scrap and more.

- 8 black hole tiles   

- 1 Scoreboard for cooperative or match mode.

Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted